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Hannes Loeschel

Hannes Loeschel has been making music for a very long time. Never in the mainstream (or anything close), this Austrian can make beautiful music without the presence of hardcore, thrashing guitars. And you have to hand it to him, even though he doesn't rock, he sure does kick ass. I suggest you buy his album, "Messages", if you can find it, as it's both beautiful and scarce. It's a shame, really, everything good in life is just out of reach.

Anyways, from way out there in Austria, Hannes gave us his list od the top ten cat breeds. The top ten comes with his very own comments about his choices included!

1. Lion(hart) (my sonīs name, my labelīs name)

2. Squirrels (My audience while jogging in the park, in German they're called "Eichkätzchen", "kätzchen" means "little cats")

3. Tigers (african, zoo, esso, woods)

4. Panther (also pink..)

5. Cats out of the bag

6. Tomīs Jerry (if he constitutes as a breed)

7. Fat cats

8. Hawks (back in the mountains in austria)

9. Garfield & piano playing cats

10. "Katzenzungen" (made of chocolate)