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Fonal Records

Fonal is a small Finnish record label that has a number of musical genres under their belt. In fact, they release music from such bands as kiila, Office Bulding, and Supermarket Son. They are definitely worth checking out.

In this list, Fonal Records give us their top ten foods.

Fonal Records on the Web:

Here is Fonal Record's top ten foods:

1. Spaghetti and tuna-tomato -sauce

2. Tortillas

3. Smashed potato and fishsticks with tar-tar -sauce

4. Chili-con-carne

5. Chocolate

6. Pancakes

7. Aurajuustohärkää

8. All chinese food

9. All thai-food

10. Hamburgers

(1-4 cooked at home, 7-10 in restaurants)