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Elastic Fiction Records

Elastic Fiction specializes in small, personal releases.  They have released stuff by The Boris Flats, Seatman Separator, The Drug Cartel, Transmission, Lizard Lie, and 16 Bronsons.  Many more artists have popped up on compilations: Barfly, Popper, Fuzzbuster, Vex and Fruit Farm.  Their two compilation cassettes: Elastic Fiction and The Caustic Lexicon are available FREE OF CHARGE (except for the price of postage) at their website!  It's definitely worth checking them out now, isn't it?

Elastic Fiction Records on the Web:

Here is Elastic Fiction Records' top ten English semi-professional soccer club names:

1. Dunston Federation Brewery

2. Blyth Spartans

3. East Cowes Victoria Athletic

4. Shepshed Dynamo

5. Bilsthorpe Colliery Welfare

6. Jarrow Roofing Boldon C.A.

7. Bemerton Heath Harlequins

8. Leigh Railwaysmans Institute

9. Beaconsfield Sycob

10. Castleton Gabriels