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egnekn, aka Ken Montgomery is an excellent experimentalist and musician.  Originally, he released tapes under the pseudonym "Gen Ken."   These were synth adventures, and some of his work (including the classic, "Beatmysik") is available on Sound of Pig.  More recently, he's done some 8-track stuff (Led Zeppelin played on a broken 8-track player), and some other neat stuff including a project using the sounds of a laminator.  All hail the Ministry of Lamination!

Here is egnekn's top ten kitchen appliances:

1. Ice-O-Matic- electric ice crusher

2. Laminator Model No. 2291

3. Keystone Model CC-16 - film projector

4. Fridge- (make unknown)

5. Ice-O-Mat - manual ice crusher

6. Presto PopCornNow -pop corn maker

7. Royal London Mix'n Pour-O-Matic - cocktail mixer

8. Prism Arte Floretine Fountain - water sculpture

9. Bravetti- toaster

10. SoundDesign - 8 Track Player