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Evolution Control Committee

The Evolution Control Committee is famed for their controversial "Rocked By Rape" single, which, in true Negativland tradition, resulted in a lawsuit against them (filed by CNN). But, many people have not heard their other, excellent tape collage work. True masters of their craft, the Evolution Control Committee's brand of campy, crazy, collage humour is DEFINITELY worth checking out. You can hear "Rocked by Rape", buy their albums, or check out other artist's on the same label (Evolution Controlled Creations), at

Here, ECC submitted two great lists… Both their top ten things that dangle, and their top ten words formed using the letters from 'chiropractor' (wow, this one is popular). Thanks ECC!

evolution control committee on the web:


Here is ECC's top ten things that dangle.


1. My tenuous life

2. Big ol' boobies

3. Big ol' cocks

4. Sleepy bats

5. Dingleberries

6. Heroes clinging to a cliffside while a villain stares mercilessly down

7. Drippy boogers

8. Disturbingly huge 70's earrings

9. Participles

10. Pointlessly-stretched earlobes



Here is ECC's top ten words you can form using the letters of 'chiropractor'.


1. Cat poo

2. Rip crotch

3. I chop actor

4. Ho trap

5. Porch air

6. Torch crap

7. Hip art orc

8. Rich art poo

9. Carrot chip

10. Rotor chap