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Dredg.  Dredg, Dredg, Dredg.  Dredg plays some really challenging, yet really enjoyable music.  Check out their website to hear some awesome sound clips such as the "Symbol Song".

So here's Dredg's fascinating (yet crude) list of his top ten books to own. Where else are you going to find a dictionary and a sexual manual in the same list?

dredg on the web:


Here is Dredg's top ten books to own.


1. The Celestine Prophecy

2. The Secret Life of Salvador Dali

3. The Tao of Pooh

4. Way of the Peaceful Warrior

5. Kama Sutra

6. Toa Te Ching

7. The Pink Floyd Oddyssey

8. The Tenth Insight

9. Cunt

10. American Heritage Dictionary