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dogproofracoonbubble is a cool artist that releases some really neat experimental noise.  Unlike some of the more abrasive artists, he crafts tape collages of numbers of interesting sources, like the insides of childrens' toys and such.  He has a number of albums already made and in the works, including many audio tapes and some vhs as well.  He also is one half of gi'-i-sa-wa recordings.

dogproofracoonbubble on the web:

Here's dogproofracoonbubble's top ten uses for feet:

1. Hitchike to Houston to Hunt for Jandek

2. Trying on Womens Designer Shoes

3. Stepping on Cracks to Break Mothers Backs

4. Stepping in Water Puddles

5. Walking

6. Grape Squashing

7. Having the Toes Sucked

8. Bug Squashing

9. Jumping

10. Running