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Dipstick is a weird, jazzy electronica musician.  He has one album out on Weed Records called "Transistor Rodeo".  It's an essential album for anyone, big or small.  Sounds 50's-ish.

Here's his generously compiled top ten things shaped like sticks list, complete with small comments.

dipstick on the web:


Here is Dipstick's top ten things shaped like sticks.


1. Shishkabob skewers

2. My legs and my guitar player Kurt's legs

3. The oboe

4. Fender bass necks

5. Raw spaghetti (Yum)

6. LPs when viewed from the side

7. '72 Dodge Dart antennas

8. Drumsticks (Call me lazy)

9. Certain beef jerky brands

10. Dipsticks