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Demosaurus Records

So far, Demosaurus only have 3 records out, but they are all really good. Famous for their excellent music and cover art, Demosaurus is on a temporary hiatus because the founder, David Fenech, is currently busy tending to his new son. Start with the "Kids Only - Adults Only" compilation to try out Demosaurus. Check 'em out:

Demosaurus Records on the Web:

Here is Demosaurus Records' top ten dinosaurs:

1. Paposaurus - The pope is maybe the last reeeal dinosaur

2. PaulMcCartneysaurus - Still singing, right ?

3. TomJonesaurus - Used to be a sex bomb, for young-old kids

4. SeanConnerysaurus - Used to be called JamesBondaurus, but he lost the suitcase

5. Stegosaurus - This one's a dinosaur

6. Toysaurus - Used to be a dinosaur

7. ';!@$#^%$#&^saurus - Very very popular in China

8. John Mc Dinosaur - The smart pachiderm

9. Steve Mc Dinosaur - His smart brother

10. Helen Mc Dinosaur - The smart sister