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Cast Exotic Archives

Cast Exotic Archives is a small, awesome record label that only has one release out so far, a great compilation reviewed in the review section.

The people at Cast Exotic Archives were so nice that they sent us their list of the top ten weirdest songs they've ever heard. I added some comments.

Cast Exotic Archives on the Web:

Here is Cast Exotic Archives' top ten weirdest songs:

Jandek - "This is a Death Dream" from "Nine-Thirty" Lp (1985) (Indie rock musician, has over 30 releases out but has never had any interviews or live performances. His identity is unknown.)

Puzzle Punks - "We Are Budubber" from "Badub" Lp

Cromagnon - "Fantasy" from "Cave Rock" Lp (1969) (Cromagnon is also known as "Cromagnon Orgasm" Their music is extremely weird and sounds like odd sound collage reminiscent of John Zorn's experimental "Cobra" stuff.)

John Gavanti - "The Floor Of A Volcano" from "s/t" Lp (1980)

Suicide - "Tough Guy" from "First Rehearsal Tapes" (1975) (Suicide: a New York Punk/Electronica hybrid)

Robert Ashley - "Flying Saucer Dialogue" from "Music From Mills College" Lp (1986) (Robert Ashley is a minimal/experimental composer who created his own genre of music, called New Narrative Opera, a weird opera hybrid.)

Harry Partch - "The Letter" from "Harry Partch Collection" CD (1972) (Harry Partch is a microtonal 20th century composer. His music dates back to 1955.)

Rev. Fred Lane - "I Talk To My Haircut" from "From The One That Cut You" Lp (1983) (Rev. Fred Lane creates song parodies.)

The Shaggs - "Why Do I Feel" from Philosophy of This World" Lp (early 70's) (Group of girls forced to make music by their father. They didn't exactly have any musical talent, so they could be called a novelty band. Frank Zappa himself named "Philosophy of This World" his third favourite album of all time in a Playboy interview.)

Plastics - "Digital Watch" from "Welcome Plastics" Lp (1979) (Plastics were a weird new wave band from late 70's/early 80's)

(Comments in italics were added by me, the mighty Editor)