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It's no secret that grindcore music can be scary.  With its insanely fast drumming, fierce guitarwork, and inaudibly distorted vocals, the genre can be too much for some people.  Although the music itself is horrific enough, the genre's gory imagery is just as frightening.

Which brings us to this article.  I'm here to talk about the aesthetic qualities of grindcore.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of the genre would be the names of the bands and songs.  There are a whole plethora of violent, vicious, and disgusting band names out there, and although I think they're great, the more sensitive of the bunch may be offended.  You've got The Bloody Vagina Puppies, Anal Blast, Accidental Decapitation Through Masturbation, Coat Hanger Abortion, Clit's Glutton, and, my personal favourite, Fallopian Breakdance.  And that's just a tiny sample.

It is obvious that grindcore bands are strongly inspired by sex and death, although not much else can be conveyed in short blasts of melody-less rhythm.  Considering grindcore is much like death metal, except without the melody, it can also be assumed that many of the songs are offensively titled.   You'd be right.

Do you like your song titles gory?
Here are some more memorable song titles:
"I'm going to e-mail you a picture of my nutsack" by Hatemail
"Chicken Grinder" by the Human Piss Parade
"your girl likes to pick her nose" by I Saw a Prostitute Buying Milk
"The Meat Today Is Genitals" by Poopstainica

Take Gangrenous Wound, for example.   They've released their fair share of songs, most of them under the one minute mark.   But what truly stands out are the humourously disgusting (and immature) titles of their songs.  One of their tunes, for example, was entitled "Masturbate With Candy Bars."  Another is called "Kitty Licking" (it's a song about a girl who licks cats).  So the music is funny.  It's intriguing.  And after you hear it, you'll probably be pretty surprised with what it can do to your mind.

And then there's the band called Fecal Exorcism.  They seem to specialize in songs with long, horrific titles.  For example, they've created a song entitled "that new perfume smells good. do you know how well it maskes the smell of rotting flesh on decade old rotting corpses?"   And then another song called "xxxfecalexorcismxx is going to gain unearthly power and world domination through demonic empowerment and when they do all hell shall break loose and nobody on this planet shall be spared."  So the message here is purely positive.

As you can see, the grindcore genre is filled to the brim with disgusting and scary (and sometimes funny) words.  But there's more to the story.  In addition to words, the genre also exhibits a wonderful selection of gruesome images.  From cover art to promotional posters, and even the band members themselves, you'll experience a wide array of crazy crap on the scene.