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ADSR Records

ADSR records hosts some awesome bands such as Sugarglider, and are described as "progressive house and trance." This is a bit different from most of the other stuff in this zine, but I feel it's important to include some awesome electronica as well as the other genres, because it was actually an interest of mine long before any of the other styles caught my fancy. So far, this vinyl label is very small and obscure, do not confuse them with ADSR Musicwerks! Their website should be up soon at By the way, they are currently looking for demos (nudge nudge wink wink). Email 'em about demos or whatever at

ADSR Records on the Web:

Here is ADSR Record's top ten vegetables:

1. Shit - take mushrooms

2. Ladie's fingers

3. Plum tomatoes

4. Leeks

5. Brussel sprouts

6. Broad beans

7. Egg plants

8. Turnips

9. Parsnips

10. Pumpkins