Blod is always busy with it's own devices. So what's next?

A super special compilation is currently in the planning stages.  2004 release.  Stay tuned.

no longer accepting submissions for...

Now what would be next for a zine that's just finished its sixth issue? Pick one:

a) A fifth issue

b) An eighth issue

c) A pretentious collection of experimental haiku

d) A seventh issue

e) A seventy-four minute video of my neighbors having anal sex as filmed through their window from a camera stationed across the street

If you guessed d, you're right!

I've started on Blod Seven already, and it's going to include another cdr compilation, just like Blod Six. or rather two CDR compilations - one all noise and hardcore techno, and the other all indie pop, dream pop, and indie rock! As for the content, it will be similar to previous issues, except with numerous new features and stuff. I'm not sure about the new features, though, so don't ask. 

Such is the beauty of blod - it never quite knows where it's going. Now, you say, is that a good thing? And to that, I respond, FUCK YOU.


The seventh issue of Blod, complete with your choice from two cdr compilations (noise/electronica vs. indie pop/rock) is pegged for a mid-September release.

Meanwhile, a noise/experimental/electronic/industrial holiday cdr compilation is planned for an early December release and an indie pop/lo-fi 90s tribute is going to be released on December 31 2003.